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Data Cabling Services
  • Office Voice and Data Cabling.
  • Cat 3, Cat 5e and Cat 6 Terminations.
  • Cat 3, Cat 5e and Cat 6 Data and Voice Testing.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Conduit Installation.
  • Server Room Cleanup.

Evergreen can install voice and data solutions for your network cabling needs that best fits your budget, timeline and equipment, whether it’s Cat 6e, Cat 6, Cat 5e, Cat 3, or VoIP.

As a single source Network Infrastructure Installation provider of integrated low voltage wiring infrastructure solutions for businesses large and small, industrial and government customers, Evergreen Information Technology Services, Inc. offers a complete range of low voltage data and voice cabling products and services to meet your ever changing needs.

Evergreen has extensive experience Designing, Installing and Servicing dynamic low voltage data and voice cabling networks for commercial and government clients. Evergreen is able to provide ROI to all your computer, cabling (wiring), wireless networks and telephony needs.

Evergreen Information Technology has developed a strong relationship with the Department of Agriculture and multiple sub-agencies providing Nationwide Service area coverage for Network Infrastructure Installation and VoIP system installation and upgrades.

Cabling Installations

Evergreen offers Complete installation of structured cabling “from the desktop to the DMARC”. Our capabilities include the installation of any structured cabling need to support our equipment installations.

Equipment configuration & installations of all types including:

  • Telephone: PBX/VoiP Business Systems
  • Paging and Background Music Systems
  • POS Devices
  • Security and CCTV Systems
  • Wireless/WiFi Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Computers/PCs, Printers
  • Teleconference
  • Custom Technologies Configurations

Evergreen is able to install a wide variety of equipment such as audio visual systems, voice/data systems, racks/cabinets, wireless devices, and paging. We are also able to perform installs of computers, printers and other peripherals.

Moves / Adds / Changes

Over the course of an installation’s life cycle there will always be a need for changes, moves, or break/fix type of work.   Evergreen provides a complete solution that is able to handle everything from your cable installation to equipment maintenance. Our service can range from taking care of a single location to handling thousands of locations nationally. Nationwide cabling and technology deployments are handled through Evergreen’s corporate office in Laurel, MD through a dedicated project manager who serves as our client's single point of contact.

Products & Services
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