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With a mission to help leaders tackle growth challenges and identify innovation opportunities. Evergreen provides strong leadership to clients with a broad viewpoint of how to profitably manage top line growth.

Our experience stems from working with large companies to develop best practices and small fast growing businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Evergreen is comprised of individuals who are passionate about planning, identifying and executing growth and innovation. We train our staff on our proprietary problem-solving methods, rooted in fact-based analysis, critical insight and the right amount of creative thinking necessary to quickly and systematically solve complex problems enabling clients to capitalize on market opportunities.

We begin every engagement with an understanding of the business issues at hand. We customize each approach to a client issue and draw from a variety of sources to develop the final engagement proposal.

Our philosophy on longevity is to deliver one successful engagement at a time. That success hinges on identifying each client's unique organizational structure, team skills, attitudes and beliefs, risks and perceptions of what they need. We craft a team structure that fits the needs of the client for that engagement.

At Evergreen, we provide focus to both emerging and established companies. We develop and implement strategies that improve profitability – through increased sales and decreased costs.  Evergreen's sales, marketing, sourcing and logistics capabilities allow any company to operate with the cost efficiencies of a Fortune 500 organization, while maintaining entrepreneurial flexibility.

At Evergreen, your goals become our passion. Our experienced team of professionals helps you draft a strategic marketing and sales plan, and then seamlessly manage the execution of every phase.

Our people are among the hardest working in the industry. We are a results- oriented team presenting a professional image for your brand.

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