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Our team provides customer focused, IT solutions and services a cost effective approach to expeditious task completion, and project management. Evergreen provides the customer with the opportunity to enhance and expand business and program operations, manage human resources, maximize resource utilization, redefine time management, and above all, reduce operating cost. Team Evergreen comprises exceptionally qualified and competent resources with quality technological experience, certifications, advanced degrees in technology, science, government and business.

Evergreen ITS is your Key to Success. We have measureable results in key areas of Information Technology and its various entities:

  • ITIL Best Practices
  • High-end computing infrastructure and applications across Commercial and Government environments
  • High-end computing research and development across Commercial and Government environments
  • Cyber Security and Information Management in today’s volatile and ever expanding IT arenas
  • Embracing and empowering human computer interaction and information management
  • Large-Scale networking and its growing importance in all areas of business success
  • Software design and productivity implementations
  • High-confidence software and systems utilized by commercial, government and the scientific communities
  • Understanding, enhancing, documenting and implementing the social, economic, and workforce implications of IT and IT workforce development
  • Adhering to the 5 D’s of Project Management:
    • Discover/Define/Design/Develop/Deliver
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